Have difficulty finding us?



Where Do I Park?

You should use the parking lot by Clark Avenue (located behind the Sanctuary).

First find 201 Dixie Trail (our address). After you see our main church building turn your car into Clark Avenue. After passing the Sanctuary on Clark Avenue you will see the parking lot on your right.


Which Door Do I Enter?

Our Sunday Worship will be at the Chapel in the main church building. After you park your car in the parking lot by Clark Avenue walk directly to the main church building. Enter the side door with stairs in front of it (the side door is right behind a small playground). The Chapel will be located on your right.

For our fellowship we use the Annex Building which is located between the main church building and the parking lot by Clark Avenue. It is a one-level flat building. There are two doors on either side of the building.

Side Door to Chapel

Annex Building